Nettie, a native Angeleno, grew up amidst the cotton candy sunsets of Santa Monica, where blue skies and coastal drives shaped her backdrop. However, her music, while grounded in California roots, transcends the sun-soaked imagery. It's a sepia-toned journey along dusty country roads, guided only by the sun's compass.

Mentored by the esteemed multi-instrumentalist Fred Sokolow since childhood, Nettie is a seasoned live performer with over a decade's worth of experience and an extensive catalog of original material and covers. Her recent album, "Back to the End," produced by Sal Oliveri, draws inspiration from musical icons such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt, and The Eagles.

Now, in Middle Tennessee, Nettie, accompanied by guitarist Daryl Hill as "Nettie and the Delta Boy," brings her California-rooted melodies to life in bars and honky-tonks. Her songs echo American folk and blues, cowboy, and railroad songs. Nettie creates a sound that's as diverse and rich as a musical crossroads between the Pacific breeze and the haunting notes of the Southern rails.